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  • 02 November 2015

    Sutton Hoo Society AGM 2016

    The 2016 AGM of the Sutton Hoo Society will take place on Friday 18th March at King's Cafe, Sutton Hoo

  • 01 June 2015

    New Society Membership Secretary

    Pauline Moore will be standing down as the Society's Membership Secretary at the start of June with Marc Brewster taking her place.

Welcome To
The Sutton Hoo Society

Sutton Hoo is a group of Anglo-Saxon burial mounds overlooking the River Deben in south-east Suffolk, England. The Sutton Hoo Society does not own or operate the visitor centre at Sutton Hoo. For opening hours and other visitor information please refer to the National Trust site here.

The society was founded in 1984 to provide practical support to the Sutton Hoo Research Project, directed by Professor Martin Carver. Following the completion of the excavations in 1991, the society acted as guardians of the site and continued to give guided tours and funded ongoing research.

Over the years we have attracted a world-wide membership, from members of the public who are fascinated by the story of Sutton Hoo, to experts in the field of Anglo-Saxon history and archaeology.

The National Trust took over the site in 2002, and we actively support them in their aim to promote, protect and preserve this unique place. We continue to give guided tours of the burial site, and run a comprehensive training programme for volunteers who wish to become guides and give exhibition talks. We organize conferences, lectures and field trips, and produce a twice-yearly magazine for our members. Our funding policy enables us to commission or offer financial support to a broad mix of academic research and archaeological projects and publications.

There have been 4 archaeological campaigns at Sutton Hoo:


Commissioned by Mrs Pretty, (owner of the Sutton Hoo Estate) Basil Brown began excavations which were to become famous throughout the world.


Led by Dr Rupert Bruce-Mitford from the British Museum, Mound 1 was re-excavated, revealing further evidence about the overall archaeology of the site


The Sutton Hoo Research Project directed by Professor Martin Carver excavated a further seven mounds and other graves. Mapping and evaluation of the site was also completed. See BBC 'Chronicle' TV programme from 1989.


As part of the preparation for the construction of the National Trust visitor centre, Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service excavated another Anglo-Saxon cemetery, thought to be earlier in date than the "royal" burial site.

"Sutton Hoo is a constant provocation to thought and the imagination"

Martin Carver


Beneath a crescent moon I stood
Upon a meadow damp with dew
Beside the fluttering tree branched wood -
The roots run deep at Sutton Hoo.

I saw, or so it seemed to me
A solemn march of ancient ones
Across a field of time gone by
A sleeping king, a monarch gone
An oaken ship, a chanting throng
With steady pace they made their way
In twilight sorrow and dismay

A song to those who passed before
A song for those who've passed the door
A song for those who leave behind
A journey and a path to find
For in their gift of life they send
Our searching souls into this land
For none are born save those who seek
The darkness of this human sleep
In pain and grief we stand and stare
And learn our joy in deep despair
And do our will and raise our clan
To swell the dawning light of man
Beneath this spangled ocean sky
Tonight - we honour those who die

The vision fades, the seen unseen
The door is closed, the air is keen
But dimly through the fading trance
The tear-stained branches swing and dance -
The ghostly line is hid from view
But roots run deep at Sutton Hoo.

Roland Mann

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